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My country makes the finest women’s undergarments, apparently.

Update about me: I’m on Erasmus in Barcelona so I have no fucking clue as to what is happening in Belgium

European Friends!!


*Disclaimer: I realize, I could just google this… But I’m trying to expand my “researching” options haha*

I am flying to Uganda in three weeks and am stopping in Brussels on the way there and back. My layover on the way won’t allow any visiting outside of the airport, BUT my layover on the way home is much longer.  I’m really wanting to make this very short visit work to my wanderlust advantage! Does anyone have any good ideas of a quick trip/ visit near the Brussels airport??

It would be lovely if someone could help this lovely person out. Unfortunately, I don’t know my way around there.


weather: code orange…

wtf is code orange?

I’m not sure but it could mean that the Dutch are on their way?